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I am going to Otaru to play music. Specifically, I am attending a drum class in Otaru. The drum class is located in the Hanazono Ginza Shopping Street. We use a shop called Ozone Rocks within the shopping street to practice drumming. The practice sessions are held twice a month, and everyone enjoys a friendly and fun time together.

Since this shop attracts people who are interested in music, if you live near Otaru and have an interest in drums or music, please come and visit.

Furthermore, Ozone Rocks regularly holds events. You can experience various music-related activities such as live performances and workshops. You can also deepen your connections as part of the community. It is a place where people who love music gather, so there is a chance to make new friends.

In addition, Otaru is a tourist destination with beautiful scenery. After your drum lessons, I recommend exploring the famous sights and tourist spots in Otaru. It is a wonderful place where you can enjoy both music and sightseeing.

If you are interested in drums or music, please visit Ozone Rocks in Otaru. You will undoubtedly have a great time and create wonderful memories.




- 古い歴史を持つ名店もあります。

- 古民家を利用した新しいカフェもあります。

- 小樽は港町なので、新鮮な海鮮類が豊富に味わえます。

- 小樽にはたくさんの美味しいお店があります。

- さまざまな種類の料理を提供するお店もあります。

- 古い歴史のある建物を利用して営業しています。


- There are plenty of delicious restaurants in Otaru.

- There are also well-established restaurants with a long history.

- There are new cafes utilizing old traditional houses.

- As Otaru is a port town, you can enjoy a wide variety of fresh seafood.

- There are restaurants that offer various types of cuisine.

- Some businesses operate in old historic buildings.

Visit Otaru and try delicious food. You can enjoy the unique taste of the region and its distinctive atmosphere.